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FAQ Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to start earning money from my clips?

- It is simple, all you have to do is register with us, upload your videos and determine a price for them. All views to your videos will bring you profit.

How much money can I earn from PORNGARNER?

- It all depends on your videos, if they bring interest and views and they have reasonable pricing, more people will view them and the more money you will earn.

What does PORNGARNER earn?

- All profits from the uploaded videos are divided 60/40 in your favor. PORNGARNER takes 40% from all video profits, which is needed to cover all company costs in sustaining our site.

What kind of videos can I upload?

- You can upload your own productions or productions to which you hold the rights. The productions need to be of erotic/porn content and any type of underage or child pornography is strictly prohibited.

What kind of videos are not allowed?

- You cannot upload videos in which there is underaged performance.

What are the channels for?

- Each producer can create their own channel/channels, in which he can add his own uploaded videos. Users can subscribe to that channel/channels after paying the designated channel subscription fee chosen by that producer.


- This channel is special in that way, that anybody can add a video to it. Here the subscription fee is determined by PORNGARNER and the revenue is divided on the basis of number of views.

We will give you an example how the revenue is calculated from our main channel "PORNGARNER"
Any user can get unlimited access to all videos in the main channel for a period of 30 days if he pays the amount of $12.95, which roughly equals to about $0.43 a day. This means that a subscriber adds about $0.43 to the channel's revenue for one day.
Lets say we have 200 subscribers to our channel, that equals to about $86 ($0.43 * 200) for the day.

Here is how we calculate your revenue for the example above if we had 200 subscribers to our channel.
We see how many times each video in the channel has been watched for that day. If a users watches the same video many times we still count it as one view.
Lets say that there has been 300 views on the main channel for that day and your video “X” has been viewed 30 times.
This means that your video will get 10% of the daily revenue (30/300 * 100 = 10%). From our example above of 200 subscribers that equal to $8.6 (10/100 * %86 = $8.6) revenue from your video “X” for that day. We deduct about 40% for our maintenance cost, and operational budget for our company and you are left with a net of $5.6 revenue for one day for your video.

Is it possible one video to be added to more than one channel?

- Yes it is totally possible. You can control this form the settings of the video, from there you can choose in what channels you can add the video.

I want to create a list of countries, which cannot have access to my videos, is this possible?

- Off course, this limitation can be created while you upload your videos. You can also make changes to limitation rules from the edit screen of your videos.

I want to watch video, what do I need to do?

- It is simple. All you need to do is register with us and add funds to your account, so that you can rent videos or subscribe to video channels.

After I rent a video, how long will I have access to it?

- You will have access for 24h. After that if you still want to view it, you will need to pay for an additional 24h.

How long does a channel subscription last?

- A regular subscription to a channel lasts 30 days, in which you will have unlimited access to all the videos in that channel.

I have earned money from my videos, how can i withdraw them?

- In order to be able to withdraw money from your account you need to meet 2 criteria. First you need to sustain a minimum of $100 in your account and second your funds have to have been in your account for at least 20 days. The reason for the 20 days limit is in order to avoid fraud and illegal activities with cards.

How can i withdraw money from my account?

- Currently you can use the following methods: Wire transfer, Check or Paypal. We are working on adding other methods as well. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who pays the fees associated with the withdrawal?

- All fees associated with the withdrawal are payed by the user. We do our best to offer as many possible ways to withdraw, with the lowest possible fees.

Why are my funds locked for 20 days in my account?

- All profits from the site are locked for a 20 day period in order to avoid fraud and fraudulent activities with credit cards. Although the funds are locked, you can still use them on our site to rent videos or subscribe to channels. You will not be able to withdraw funds from your account before the 20 day limit has passed.

Is there a limit on the amount of channels that I can create on PORNGARNER?

- We give you the ability to create 1 channel for free, if you want to have additional channels from your account, each additional channel has a $29.95 yearly fee.

I want to create promotions to reduce the price of my videos or channels, is this possible?

- It certainly is. For every video or channel you can create your own promotion. The promotion can be valid for all users or only the a limited number, who have a special promo code. Your promotion can be valid for a limited time or a period, or for a limited number of views.

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